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Why UpSkill?


"What's more important to you, the person they become or the college they attend?". 


As a College Admissions Counselor, when meeting new students and their families, I lead with this question. I believe that the best education is one where the student feels supported, excited, and motivated. To fulfill this, we need to know your student's learning style. They need to know what they want, how they work best, and develop strategies for goal achievement. We help them get there. Their education encompasses 4, 8, or 12 years; their happiness spans a lifetime, so give them the life skills to have both.

We guide students through the college admissions process from start to finish.

  • My UpSkill Portal manages every aspect of the admissions process, from college search to managing the admission application requirements and deadlines.

  • Academic Review

  • Curriculum Planning

  • Assistance Researching Colleges

  • Building a College List

  • Resume Writing

  • ACT/SAT Test Prep Resources

  • Essay Writing  & Review

  • Application Prep & Review

  • Extra Curricular Activities to match their interests

  • Community Service opportunities at local non-profit agencies

  • Internship opportunities

  • College Prep Checklists - 

  • College Tour & College Fair Planning

  • College Comparison Template comparing their top 5-10 college choices

  • Admission Probability Reports 

  • Application Deadline Reports

  • Scholarship Resources

  • Financial Aid Information & Resources


It takes more than a high GPA for students to gain admission into their dream school. Applicants must set themselves apart, find their "Stand Out Factors" and build from there. When a university admissions reader reviews an application, it should reflect who the student is, as well as their passion and commitment level. 


UpSkill takes a fresh approach that is based on your teen's unique learning style and their future goals. We help students get themselves into college by engaging them in the process and teaching them to lead. By bringing parents and students together, planning for college becomes less stressful and more memorable. Whether your student is navigating alone or wants family support through the college planning process, we can help.


To see how we can help prepare your student contact Cynthia Tognotti at 650-271-1900 or go to our Contact page.



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