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Success Stories


"Mrs. Tognotti helped me nail my interview for Harvard! I couldn't have done it without her. Thank you for bringing out the best in me!"

                                                  Stephen F.


"Mrs. Tognotti worked with me and my parents on every aspect of the admissions process and now I am looking forward to starting Cal Poly in the fall. Thank you for making the processs so easy and for reducing my parents stress!"

                                                 Kieran S.

" Cynthia walked our son through the college search process and he took ownership. The result was a spreadsheet detailing all the costs, criteria and information we needed to discuss colleges with "Dad" - what a lifesaver. Thank you so much!!!

                                                  Kate N.


"Mrs. Tognotti helped me lose my fear of public speaking and feel comfortable speaking in any arena. As she says "it's ok to have butterflies, just make them fly in formation". Thank you!

                                                    Kim G.


"Mrs. Tognotti introduced me to volunteering. She additionally helped me write my resume and taught me how to secure a summer internship! Thanks so much!"

                                                   Nick J.



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