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College Admissions Counseling

Customized College Counseling     

Planning begins with an initial consultation, establishing goals, and determining which services best apply to each client's specific needs.  College Consulting sessions are available in consulting packages: 

  • Freshman & Sophomore Year Packages Includes 10 hours of individual counseling, the My UpSkill portal, workshops, guides, and resources for researching college majors and careers. 

  • Junior Year Package - Includes 15 hours of individual counseling, the My UpSkill portal, workshops on Navigating Junior Year, Researching Colleges, Creating a College List,  Demonstrating Interest, and several more. Junior year we focus on two major activities: Researching Colleges (June - December) and Demonstrating Interest ( January - May). The research students conduct will identify key attributes about each college to utilize in contact with colleges, interview, presenting their college list to parents, and essay writing. 

       text and email contact each month until June.

  • Senior Year Packages - We offer three packages.

    • 10 College Package includes 20 hours of counseling and essay review, Workshops like the Essay Bootcamp, Building Your Applicant Profile, Securing Stellar Letters of Recommendation, and Ready. Set, College©.​

    • 10 - 15 College Package - Includes 30 hours of counseling and essay review, Workshops like the Essay Bootcamp, Building Your Applicant Profile, Securing Stellar Letters of Recommendation, and Ready. Set, College©.

    • We will create a custom package for students applying to more than 15 colleges.


Please contact us for pricing.

Consulting Services include the following:

  • Assessments: To help students understand how they learn, what they want to study, and what they need to succeed in college

    • Learning Style 

    • Interests

    • Needs Assessment

    • Career

    • Personality Traits

  • Academic Review and Curriculum Planning

  • Exploring Majors and Careers

  • Identifying College Criteria - What do I want in a collegiate environment?

  • College Research ​- Which school best fits my criteria and needs?

  • Building a College List that fits

  • College Tour Planning

  • Skill Building: Public Speaking, Presentation, Time Management, Writing & Networking

  • Resume Writing

  • Internship & Job Shadowing Search

  • Extra Curricular Planning to Demonstrate Self- Drive & Initiative

  • Volunteer Opportunities

  • Enrichment Opportunities

  • Essay Writing Guidance and Review

  • Financial Aid Information 

My UpSkill Portal 

This tool allows students to manage every aspect of their college admissions in one place and create a custom college plan. This service is exclusive to active UpSkill Clients. 

Essay Management Software

A brilliant platform with instructional videos to guide students through the process of creating impactful admissions essays. This program is embedded into the UpSkill portal and organizes the entire essay writing process. Fully integrated with Google Docs, the program allows students to view every essay, create a draft and submit for review. Once submitted I receive text notifying me the student's essay is ready for review. Additionally, the program allows us to establish a writing schedule, track progress and access all revisions. As an added plus, the program includes a pre-essay content section that helps students identify key content for their essays. 

Speaking Engagements

Need a speaker for your next PTO meeting, parent education event or sales conference?

Cynthia has over 25 years of experience as a speaker and corporate trainer. Topics include:

  • Public Speaking

  • Finding Your Learning Style

  • How to Identify Your College Criteria

  • Building a College List

  • Navigating High School

  • Finding Your Standout Factors

  • Time Management & Organization





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