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Countdown To College 


C2C217 Countdown To College CLASS FULL

October 5-16     Time: 8:40 am - 12:00 pm

Design Tech High School



C2C217 Countdown To College   CLASS FULL

October 5- 16   Time: 12.30pm - 3:30pm

Design Tech High School


Countdown To College is designed to actively engage your student in the college selection process. The sooner your student understands the search, touring and application process, the easier it will be to find the best college. Helping students figure out who they are by identifying their strengths and challenges is vital. The decisions they make and the skills students learn in high school will shape them for the rest of their lives. This also facilitates the parent "college discussion", making the process easier and less stressful. Students will need a laptop or tablet for class. C2C will help your student: 


  • Complete a Learning Style Assessment to identify their predominant learning style and understand how this impacts organization, academics, social interaction and school selection.

  • Complete a College "Best Match" questionnaire to identify the criteria they value the most for identifying "best fit" colleges and universities.

  • Develop a customized College Comparison spreadsheet, identifying the 5-10 "Best-Match" schools, tuition and associated costs, merit scholarships, etc.  This information is key to having the "college discussion" with mom and dad; what is the best fit, the costs and budget, and what do I need to do to get there?

  • Create a detailed school plan to make their high school years count, from selecting academic courses, extra curricular activities, community service opportunities, internships, and enrichment that fit their interests and goals. 

  • Create a winning resume.

  • Secure several stellar recommendations for college applications, internships and jobs.

  • Receive checklists and timelines, by year, to stay on track to college.

  • Access resources and learn how to apply for internships, jobs and community service opportunities.

  • Learn what colleges want and how to identify their “Standout Factors”

  • Master strategies for securing interviews with college readers, obtain application fee waivers, and get their resume seen.


The result is a well-balanced student with a resume that sets them apart, increasing their chances for admission to their first choice college or university.


On Track For Success PL317  Fall 2015

Our On Track for Success course is focused on planning the high school experience. Students will learn how to maximize their high school years, discover their strengths and learn strategies to improve academic performance. Students will:


  • Complete a Skills Assessment. Learn which skills are essential, need development and target improvement strategies.

  • Create a detailed school plan, by year, identifying academics, extracurricular activities, enrichment and internships to enhance their portfolio.

  • Complete a Learning Style Assessment to identify their predominant learning style and incorporate into organization, learning and life.

  • Develop goals and objectives to keep themselves on track to college.

  • Learn organizational, planning and time management skills

  • Identify the elements, like academic rigor and community service that prepare your teen for college while adding balance and strength.

  • Access resources for identifying leadership training, community service opportunities, extracurricular activities, internships and academic support.


Speak for Yourself - PS217 Fall 2015

Speak for Yourself is an intensive 2-week course teaching teens effective communication and life skills.  This class teaches:

  • How to work in groups effectively.

  • Interview strategies and skills.

  • Meeting and working with adults.

  • Having successful conversations with parents and teachers,

  • Preparing and delivering formal presentations.

  • Impromptu Speaking - "Pop Topics"

  • How to present and connect with an audience.

  • Students will experience over 50 hours of actual public speaking practice.


Communication is an essential life skill that most teens lack. Today it's more challenging than ever for the generation that communicates primarily through texting.  Give your student the skills for lifelong success.


Pay It Forward - PIF117 Fall 2015

Pay It Forward is a unique course introducing students to community outreach and volunteerism. Volunteering and giving back is one of the most maturing experiences a teen can have. Most colleges and universities specifically look for well-rounded students who can bring a sense of community to their campus. Students will learn:

  • What it means to “Pay It Forward” and give back to their community and those in need.

  • Volunteer on-site at one to two local non-profit agencies and learn how they can make a difference. 

  • How to evaluate and choose from the many volunteer opportunities at local non-profit organizations.

  • Access resources and contacts at local non-profit agencies for securing volunteer opportunities and internships.

  • Identify community service awards and potential college scholarships.





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